Does your server support Tomcat / JSP ?

Sorry, Currently we don't support Tomcat / JSP

 How long does it take to setup new account?

Once your payment is processed successfully, we will activate your account with in 1 hour...

 How long have you been providing web hosting services?

Since 2006. We provide shared hosting, Domain Registration and Web Design Service.

 What is your Hosting Platform?

We provide Linux based web hosting only. We run latest Red Hat Enterprise 3 and Red Hat...

 What type of servers will my site be hosted on?

We've never used cheap servers. Your account will be placed on professional, rack mounted Dell...

 What's Price for SSL Dedicated Security Certificate

Dedicated Security Certificate (Comodo Positive SSL, 256 bit) Setup/Installion Free Rs 0.00...

 What's the connection speed to each server?

Each server connected via 1000 Mbps uplink port.

 Where can I get a Price detail of your Hosting Plans?

Please click below link to compare Hosting Package and Prices...

 Which credit cards do you accept?

We use Paypal for Credit Card Payment Process. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and...

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