Site Restore/ Backup Information

All Customer’s are requested to keep a FULL BACKUP of their site in local computer. Our Server takes a daily backup of your website and today’s back up is replaced with yesterday’s backup.

If you accidently delete files or your site is hacked, we will charge Rs.300 for full site restore if a onsite backup is found on our server or if you provide a offsite backup. Again a successful restoration is not guaranteed, as we replace backup daily, we may not having a working backup file.

Therefore, customers are requested to perform a FULL BACKUP periodically and keep the file in your local computer.

You can perform a FULL BACKUP by logging in into your cPanel File> Backup Wizard > Generate Full Backup.  You can choose the Home Directory Destination and type your email . Leave all other fields blank and click Generate Full Backup button. Once the Full Backup is completed, you will receive an email.  You can check under your home directory where you file find start with backup_ and end with _tar.gz  You can use a FTP client programme to download this file to your local computer. Before you download, change the file permission from 600 to 755(Check our Knowledge Base on how to change file permission)

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