How to Generate a Full Backup?

1. Login to your cPane

2. Under Files  click on "Backup"

3. Click on "Download or Generate a Full Backup"

4.  Check following detail:

Backup Destination: Home Directory

Email Address: You can type your email address where you would like to get a report after the backup is generated.

Leave blank all other field.

5. Click on Generate Backup

6. You will be taken to another window where you will see "Full Backup is in progress"

Once the full backup of your account has been completed you will receive an email to the address you specified.

After you have receivd your email:

7. From cPanel Home Page, click again Files > Backup

8. Click on "Download or Generate a Full Backup"

9. You will see "Backup Availiable for Download"

Click on that file name end with tar.gz

10. It will prompt you to download to your computer. Save the file to your desired location in your compuiter.

If your site is BIG and Full Backup is above 50MB, we recommend you download it via FTP client.

A Full Backup will contain:

a. public_html

b. database backup

c. Local server mail backup (If you are using Google mail server, you willl not find back up here)

d. DNS Zone backup etc.

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